Locally Grown, Grain Fed, Premium Quality

Locally Raised. Grain-Fed. Premium Quality.

Come to our farm if your are looking for quality meat in St. Johns, Lansing or Flint, MI

Motz Meat originated in 2017, but we are a 4th generation farm in St. Johns, Michigan, that has been selling beef and pork to residents in Flint, St. Johns, Lansing & Owosso, MI and beyond since the 1940's. Whether you run a farm-to-table restaurant, or you want to feed your family some of the freshest meat you can find, you can pick up your choice of meat packages at our family farm: Motz Meat.

We sell the following...

To place your order, fill out the form on our Ordering page, or by calling or texting 989-640-3308.

Most of our crops never cross state lines

From ethanol to soybean oil, our crops have been used to produce all kinds of products. In fact, we typically sell our crops to Michigan-based manufacturers. If you're searching for local crops for sale, contact us today to find out what we have available.

We care about our customers

At Motz Meat, we hand select specific cattle that go directly to freezer beef for our customers. When selecting the specific beef out of our herd, we adhere to a strict protocol of never treating our cattle with antibiotics or hormones on our farm. If they are treated with any antibiotics, they are sent off to be sold at market through the sale barn.

Questions about the way we raise livestock or grow cash crops? Don't hesitate to reach out - we're an open book when it comes to our farming practices.