At Motz Meat, our cattle are grain-fed and finished.

We have elected to give no added growth hormones or antibiotics on our farm. We do this in order to provide the most pure and clean product to our St. Johns, Lansing & Flint, MI customers. We offer an environment that reduces stress to our cattle and ensures the highest quality beef product. At Motz Meat, we strive for a healthy environment and a well-balanced diet to be offered at all times.

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Our 1/4, 1/2, and whole beef portions AND beef bundles.

Store Beef VS. Motz Meat

The story behind the picture. We went against what we believe in, and bought 1 lbs of ground beef from the store. We took a side by side picture before cooking the beef. We then cooked the ground beef, drained off the excess liquid and noticed another difference, the store bought beef had a darker color. After a taste test was done, the store beef had a flavor of salty sausage breakfast patties, while the Motz Meat tasted like a dry steak. With the research we conducted, our ground beef has the more purple color due to being exposed to less oxygen. This means that our beef is more fresh which is important to us. We are confident in what we sell and this test confirms our beliefs that we have a premium product!

The two steaks show the difference in color and marbling between the store bought ribeye and ours. Ours is the more purplish and more well marbled. The ground beef comparison, ours is the more purplish is one compared to the pink slimmy looking store bought.